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The Official Newcomer Guide for Greater Cedar Park.

Written by long-time locals and supported by local businesses, BeLocal helps new movers discover the best local places, things, and brands in greater Cedar Park. Available in print and online.

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An Essential Resource for New Movers

New movers spent more in the first 6 months than the following 3 years. Because they don't yet have word-of-mouth, they rely on BeLocal to discover the best our area has to offer.

A Valuable Opportunity for Local Business

Local businesses lose up to 20% of their client base each year simply because their customers move away. BeLocal puts our best local businesses in front of new movers when they need them most.

Local Favorites at Your Fingertips in Print/Online

What makes BeLocal special is its content. Whether you need a new place for dinner tonight or a weekend getaway with the family, BeLocal has what you need to discover and enjoy our area.

Stop burning time and money on advertising that gets ignored

  • Are your ideal clients scrolling past your posts on social media? 
  • Are the emails you're sending ending up in your client's junk folder?
  • Are the coupons you're mailing ending up in the trash can?
  • Are you unsure about how to best reach your ideal clients?

Now more than ever, you need an effective strategy to attract a consistent stream of new customers into your doors. Welcome BeLocal.

You Deserve an Ad Strategy That Turns Cedar Park Newcomers Into Lifelong Customers

Did you know? It's 10x easier for a local business to gain a new customer when they're moving! Why? Because these families are breaking old habits and creating new ones. This creates an extraordinary window of opportunity for our local businesses — but it doesn't stay open for long.

Right now, there are thousands of new families moving into the greater Cedar Park area. As they work to settle into our community, they tend to feel overwhelmed by the dozens of choices they have to make for their new home and their family. Without having local word-of-mouth yet, they rely on BeLocal to find much-needed products and services from our local business community.

BeLocal sponsors have the first opportunity to connect with these new movers and turn them into customers for life.

Newcomers are Talking About BeLocal

Cedar Park Newcomer

"This is the first thing I've gotten in the mail in years that I'm not going to throw away! Thank you so much and well done!"

Cedar Park Newcomer

"I was wow'd by the BeLocal publication! It's so beautiful and so useful! This will lay on my coffee table for months to come!"

Cedar Park Newcomer

BeLocal is GORGEOUS! It's aesthetically-pleasing, informative, and so well done. Bravo! Everything is just FIRST CLASS!


Here's How It Works

1) Pick your size and position

2) We'll design your ad — or you can provide it

3) We'll put your brand in front of every new homeowner in 78613 and 78717 for the length of your agreement

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How We Help Our Local Businesses

  • They can put their brand in front of a potent target audience that's actively shopping for their products and services right now.
  • They can elevate the status of their brand by positioning it as a local favorite and trusted partner.
  • They can reach newcomers with their advertising message wherever they are (in print and online) before, during, and after their move.
  • They can grow their word-of-mouth by effectively connecting with new movers before they're made a brand choice.
  • They get the first chance to build a life-long relationship with these new families that have not yet established new habits for their time.

A Custom Version of BeLocal is Available through the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce

The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce partnered with BeLocal Greater Cedar Park to produce a custom version of BeLocal for every member of the Chamber. This essential local guide was hand-delivered to all Chamber members in January of 2021. Also, anyone relocating to Cedar Park can call the Chamber for a free copy of this guide.

BeLocal was honored to be named as a finalist for the "2020 New Business of the Year" award presented by the Cedar Park Chamber. 

Meet The Publisher

Laura Capes Terry, MBA
Laura is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, award-winning strategic marketer, and the publisher of BeLocal.

Over the past 3 decades, Laura has helped hundreds of local businesses grow by connecting to their community.

Laura's passion is helping local business owners get more from their marketing so they can enjoy more freedom in their business. One of the ways she does that is through BeLocal.

Follow Laura on Instagram: @lauracapesterrymba