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Hello, I'm Laura—your guide to marketing made smarter!

Most small business owners think they cannot afford world-class digital marketing solutions. That's simply not true. Working as a Fractional CMO, I guide you down an affordable and proven path to hyperlocal marketing success. Let's work together to get your marketing working for you.

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I've dedicated my career to helping local business owners get results from their marketing

Many know me as the owner of a local media company. Many don't know that I'm also an MBA, StoryBrand Certified Guide, Certified Partner at DigitalMarketer, and an award-winning strategic marketer.

Over the past 3 decades, I've helped hundreds of local businesses get results from their marketing.

• Printing, Publishing, and Advertising
• Health, Beauty, and Fitness
• Local Trades and Home Services 
• Retail Stores and Commercial Sales Teams
• Restaurants and Coffee Shops
• Dance and Music Education
• Healthcare and Eldercare
• Software and Technology

Here's How I Help Local Business Owners Succeed

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Before hiring me, one of my clients burned $40,000 on a cable TV ad campaign because she relied on her gut instinct to make the media buy. With my help, she grew from 1 store to 18 in 6 years.

Avoid High-Paid Consultants

My bootcamp, Marketing Plans Made Smarter, is available on-demand through my website. Local business owners can access the same advice I give my private clients for a fraction of the cost.

Avoid Overhelm & Frustration

Rather than relying on gut instinct or trial-and-error, my clients stop worrying about the best next step for their business and follow a proven framework to market with confidence.

Gain Clarity and Confidence

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I walk my clients through a proven messaging framework developed by Donald Miller, author of Building a StoryBrand. Many clients call this process magical.

Attract and Retain Ideal Clients

Everyone has clients they love to work with — and those they don't. My clients gain the clarity to know the difference, the power to attract ideal clients, and the confidence to walk away from the others.

Get Results From Marketing

Many clients tell me that after working with me, they fall in love with their business all over again. Marketing transforms from being their biggest headache to their best investment.

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Trained by the Best of the Best

As soon as I discovered the SB7 framework from Donald Miller, author of "Building a StoryBrand," I flew myself to Nashville and became a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

I've studied Brendon Burchard for more than a decade. Of the many programs I've attended, I was most impacted by his elite marketing program: "Elevate Your Brand."

As soon as I heard Ryan Diess and Donald Miller speak about Mom's Pie Company on the Business Made Simple Podcast, I became a Certified Partner for DigitalMarketer.

Additional trainers: Tony Robbins, Keith J. Cunningham, Amy Porterfield, Kat Coroy, Jasmine Star, Dean Graziosi, Charlene Li, Jeff Cochran, Todd Hartley, and David Meerman-Scott.

A Proven Track Record of Success

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"One of the best..."

Testimonial from Guy Williams, PRECOR

"Having been a client and vendor partner throughout your journey, I can say that you are one of the best marketing executives I have ever worked with! Your path should inspire women who wish to be successful in a male-dominated industry and men who want to understand what working with a pro who commands respect and is amazing at their craft can do for the bottom line!"

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6 Success Tips to Leverage Your Most Important Salesperson: Your Website!

You work too hard to earn website traffic to watch it bounce. Download this free guide today!

"After what we went through in 2020, every local business owner deserves to have these homepage design strategies in their back pocket. Download this PDF now to improve your website today!"
- Laura Capes Terry, Author

- Laura Capes Terry, Author

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Transform your homepage from a money pit into your best sales rep!

Most websites try to do and say it all to get a visitor to engage. But the power to convert a view into a click comes from simplicity and clarity. 

So I've created this easy-to-follow GUIDE to help you simplify and clarify your homepage messaging so you can convert more website traffic into paying customers. Why? Because you work too hard to get traffic to your website to watch it bounce.

After reading this PDF, you'll walk away with simple tweaks you can make to your homepage design TODAY to instantly improve your website's conversion rate. Enjoy!

Let's Get Your Marketing Working for You!

When you work with me, you will get a proven process for growing your business.