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Spotlight on Laura Capes Terry

#lauracapesterry Mar 05, 2023
Laura Capes Terry spotlight

Here's the Schooley Mitchell Spotlight on Laura Capes Terry:

In the past few years, the way small businesses market themselves has had to change. For many business owners, it’s hard to meet the challenges posed by new marketing methods while still dedicating their time and effort to the work they do best. That’s where Laura Capes Terry comes in.

“I’m a career marketer. I’ve done it my whole life,” Capes Terry explains. “I help local businesses make smarter marketing decisions.”

Capes Terry got her start in marketing while at the University of Iowa. Drawn to the creativity and expression made possible through ever-evolving marketing channels, she found her niche in the business world, and hasn’t looked back since. Today, with three decades of experience behind her, she is a StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guide, a certified partner for DigitalMarketer, and has won countless awards for excellence in her field.

For eight years now, Capes Terry has embraced entrepreneurship and works as an independent marketing and media consultant who offers fractional CMO services to local businesses. Some of these services include brand refresh and design, web design, copywriting, SEO, marketing workshops, and more.

Capes Terry also owns two magazines, BeLocal Cedar Park Leander and BeLocal Georgetown, both of which connect new residents to the local providers they need. Not only do residents benefit from these publications, but they also allow businesses to advertise hyperlocally on a widespread multimedia platform.

As a business owner herself, Capes Terry knows exactly what it takes to make the most of her marketing dollars, even in challenging economies like we’ve faced in the past few years.

“I have a lot of empathy for my clients that are running businesses, because I know what it means to be responsible for a P&L,” she explains.

She spends a lot of her workdays in conversation with other entrepreneurs, getting to know their needs, their business, and their goals. Taking this individualized approach to each client allows Capes Terry to truly serve every local business she works with, developing a strategy that best suits their wants and needs.

In today’s economy, small businesses need every advantage they can get. Without a doubt, Capes Terry gives them a huge boost and an ally they can count on.

For more information, visit her website at

Follow Laura on Instagram: @lauracapesterrymba

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